I’m not far off my 40’s. I have travelled the world. Been successful in life but not in love, and I am embarking on a new hopefully long journey. For I have just bought my first air rifle. My goal, to become sufficient enough to safely, humanely, and successfully hunt for my own dinner.

I live in Britain, in the county of Bedfordshire. It has beautiful countryside and plenty of targets. Please, follow my story of my attempts to be able to feed myself and my cat. He just loves fresh meat.

I am an ex British Army Officer, so hunting rabbit should be a walk in the park.

How hard can it be….?


2 Responses to About

  1. newbiehunter says:

    Hey NH, great blog, very well written, and naturally, being in a similar position (newbie hunter) I love to read your exploits. Thanks for reading my blog, I’m only a couple of months ahead of you but loving the sport (and the taste of rabbit/pigeon). Good luck – I hope the Hatsan works out for you…always worth a read of THL (The hunting life) there are some excellent BBs with tonnes of advice. I’ll see you around sir!

  2. Hey, thanks for your reply and comments. Just realised our two blog names, could get confusing 🙂 many thanks also for the tips, shall get on to that. My Hatsan is performing like a dream. All that can ruin it is the human element. Can’t wait to follow up your successes

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