Permission to shoot update

Hi all, long time no see. I blame Christmas getting in the way. And the fact I was ill during the whole of December and the first part of January. Another poor excuse but I’m sticking to it.

I’m also about three posts behind that I could do all at once. The first is an update on getting permissions to shoot. The second about our local rifle club and third, the promised review on my rifle slip/case. But I’ll do them separately.

I am dear reader getting very disheartened. It is proving to be very difficult to get a permission to shoot. My cat has disowned me, as it appears to him my promises of fresh rabbit to feast upon was all a lie. So I will list my failures so far.

Firstly, there’s a peice of wasteland in the middle of nowhere a few acres in size owned by the council. I asked my ‘friend’, Mayor Dave Hodgson of Bedford, England. We had a chat, explained about the law, and what I wanted to do. He was worried about what the press would say etc. After 5 weeks of no reply and leaving messages and emails for him he gave a quick phone call saying that he couldn’t let me because it would be dangerous for him personally if it ever ‘got out’.
I said fine, could he put something in writing so I could post it online. He wasn’t best pleased he was going to be published. I backed up the phone call with an email, adding that it would be great if it didn’t take another five weeks. So he replied with what could only be described as an essay. It was very aggressive in nature and spun in such a way that it was a lesson in arse covering. Denying everything that had been said in our first coffee meeting and the reason that it would be bad for him personally to let me. Basically calling me a liar. But that’s politicians for you.

Then their was Brickhill allotments. They pay £250 a year for someone to walk round once a month. So no I couldn’t. I asked what harm then would it be if someone else went round once a month for free. NO!

Queens park allotments, we don’t get rabbits ever so there would be no point letting you walk round.

Southill Park Estate, which is huge, like half of the county. No.

University of Bedfordshire, after talking to the groundsmen, who said rabbits were ruining their pitches. No. Not university policy.

And finally, my best friend in the world, my stalwart in difficult times. Who I have been shotgun shooting with many times for pheasant, partridge etc. Would not even give me an introduction to the farmer who let’s us on his land to use shotguns. I can only think he doesn’t want to share his permission. He doesn’t even go shooting for rabbits.

Still life goes on and I must persevere and keep trying.

At the moment my Hatsan is just a very expensive ornament.

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4 Responses to Permission to shoot update

  1. jonnypratt44 says:

    You might not recognise the name from my account but I’m that young chap that asked you about your bipod at BRC on your first night. After reading your recent post about the club too I feel I may be able to aid you in your hunt for shooting permission as well as some practice at non-paper targets at the club. If I see you I’ll be sure to have a chat

  2. Of course I remember you. How’s things? Shooting permission would be great. Guess what? That 6-24×50 scope is being posted today so I should have it in the next day or so if you want to check it out. 🙂

  3. jonnypratt44 says:

    good news, look forward to seeing it. its all good, if you’ve read my blog you’ll see I have my RCO badge now so can open the outside range for people to shoot. With regard to the vest and gun slip could I have a look? I’ll see if I know anyone in need of one

  4. Too early to get disheartened

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