Cvlife 1.2m Hunting & Shooting Carry Case Rifle Square Bag Black

So once I had my rifle, I needed a few essential accessories. One of them was a rifle bag/slip.

What were my requirements? Well, it had to keep my rifle covered and safe in public, as per the law. I wanted to be able to fit my rifle inside without taking its suppressor, scope and bipod off. In the field, until I was ready to hunt the bag had to keep my rifle clean and dry. I wanted it to match my Hatsan AT44-10, And to keep a few key bits and pieces in pockets and pouches.

When I plan to out hunting, I will need to take a few things with me. Some will be in a small daysack, including room of course for the bunnies I’m going to be bring back. Others I’ll be wanting to be close and on hand and will be kept in the gun bag. Things like, allen keys for the scope, lamp and bipod. A torch, zip bags, thin rubber gloves for when I’m cleaning the rabbits, a knife till I’m ready to use it, spare pellets etc. Things that if carry on my person would rattle and make unnecessary noise every time I moved position.

Looking around on the net it would be quite easy to spend a small fortune on a rifle bag. Old well known names and manufacturers. You know the ‘all the gear no idea’ type of things. I dear reader didn’t have the cash to spend on those kind of bags.

As you know, if you have read all of my blog, and of course you have, I purchased my bipod online from CvLife on the amazon website. It was about half the price of others. Because I was new to this hobby, I had the advantage of not being a shooting snob and it mattered not that it was from China. It arrived, it was quality and 3 months on I haven’t changed my mind it will serve me for as long as I want. So naturally I was drawn once again to Amazon and the lovely people at CvLife.

They had a few bags for sale. Some camo, some black. Some to fit two rifles, some to fit the smallest of rifles.

Mine needed to fit my rifle with scope and bipod and needed some storage. The one I settled on and bought was the Cvlife 1.2m Hunting & Shooting Carry Case Shotgun Rifle Gun Slip Square Bag in Black.


So here goes a review of said bag. If I jump around a bit please excuse me but I shall try and be as methodical as possible.

It’s 1.2m long (or 48inches) and 26cm (10inches) deep. Plenty of room inside for what was needed. The bag is made from high density nylon, which makes it strong, resistant to abrasion, resistant to mould etc.

There are two smaller size Velcro pouches and two larger zip pockets. The stitching looks good as does the overall feel of quality. Also on the outside is one large zipped pocket measuring 60cm by 26cm, (24in by 10in).



Turning to look at the back of the bag reveals another full length zipped space. I’m not sure what you put in here but if wanted I guess you could put extra padding to stiffen the bag up if desired.


To help carry the bag there’s a webbing carry handle to the top and two adjustable shoulder straps to the rear.


Internally there’s a waterproof, anti-scratch PVC liner. The bag does feel slightly padded but I still had the foam from the original rifle packaging and as there was plenty of room inside, I put the foam in as well.


Also, outside there are 4 compressing straps and clips to tighten the bag up so your rifle is nice and snug inside.

The one downside is that inside there are two Velcro straps to put round your rifle halfway down the bag. In my opinion they are on the wrong side of the bag as you open it and could do with an extra strap down at one end to put round the butt. However as there are four compression straps this is not a real problem.

My Hatsan AT44-10 is not a small rifle. Especially extended with the suppressor fitted. Plus a scope and a bipod. This bag however handled it no problem.

So, to recap. This bag looks the part. Feels the part. Is big enough to fit a big rifle with scope and has lots of external storage. It’s well made and looks and feels durable. And how much are CvLife charging for this?


This rifle bag certainly has the look and the feel of something much more expensive.

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