Bedford Rifle Club

Target practise with an air rifle doesn’t interest me too much. I didn’t buy my Hatsan AT44-10 to shoot at paper targets. But even I recognise that while waiting for my first permission to shoot, plinking down my garden is doing me no good.

Just down the road from me is a rifle club. Bedford Rifle Club. It’s been around since 1929 and has many top notch facilities, and some of their members are internationally renowned. They do cater for air weapons but mainly concentrate on small bore rifles. I maybe mistaken so their website is well worth a look.

Just because at the moment, my final goal is to hunt, it would be madness not to make use of such a facility and potential expertise and guidance so close to home.

So one night I make the call. I talk to Richard Davies. Are you open? Yes. Can I come down? Of course!

So I pop down and get introduced to John Marchant. He is a qualified NSRA County Coach and also on first meeting him, one of the friendliest people I have met. On talking to him for a while, he is obviously very knowledgeable and very very keen on his sport.

His own website

John gives me the indoor tour, an indoor range for air pistols, and a larger one for small bore, but rather than do the facilities a dis-service, please visit their website for full details about their ranges, clubhouse etc. As I say the club also have members of the highest quality and have proven themselves at the highest levels.

I find everyone there just as friendly and return the next week hoping to shoot. Once everyone has finished, John takes me onto the range, explains to me the protocol of shooting on the range then let’s me fire off two magazines. My target looks miles away and through my scope I can hardly see the centre. But I do my ‘best’, and in truth is not too bad.



So in closing, if you have ever thought about getting into small bore shooting or just to practise your grouping and live in the North Beds area, the Bedford Rifle Club is the the place to be.

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One Response to Bedford Rifle Club

  1. Have you had a go at 10m air pistol? Sounds wussy,is PROPER fiendish! Really that’s the sport of the zen master.
    Happy new year
    PS PINT!

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