Pride and joy, the Hatsan AT44-10


So I have gotten over my over emotional thoughts on being judged, for going out to hunt and on to a few words about my pride and joy, my Hatsan rifle.

Seeing it, I feel a bit of a cheat. And later after using it for the first time in my back garden I will feel even more of a cheat. For I have not earned my air rifle stripes, (or pips), I haven’t gone through the budget stage, or the springer stage, not that a springer has to be on a budget! But apparently hunting with a springer is more artful, more of a challenge. You learn about your art.

I was dazzled by the promises of an easy kill, all I had to do, have to do, is put myself in the correct place, the correct range and pull the trigger. I am sure there will be more to it than that. Time will see.

So yes, I cheated and jumped at the PCP. Now it would be very easy just to copy the blurb from Hatsan, a Turkish gun maker, or from the uk importer, Edgar Brothers, and repeat the information they give about this killing machine, (artistic license dear reader). But I shall write from the point of view of an excited over grown schoolboy with his first air rifle.

So to vulgar statistics out of the way. My local gun shop sold me the rifle, a Hatsan AT44-10 with a silencer and a scope, for £350. I can’t tell you the manufacturer of the silencer but I can tell you it looks nice, feels heavy and well made and will do the job. Although I’m sure the rabbits ears are much more sensitive than mine.

The scope is brand new, but an old model. Which matters to me not. It’s made by MTC and is the Cobra model, and comes with the proper mounts. Even as a complete novice I manage to attach it to the rifle no problems. It has a 3-9 zoom and a front 42AO lens.

It looks the part! But did have no instructions, so I resign myself to again trawling the internet for information to make sure everything is in focus and the right amount of distance from my eye. I emailed the UK office of MTC and they were a delight to be in contact with.

I do however need a bipod I’m told. And I agree as the Hatsan is not the lightest of things. But I am on a budget, as ever, (which is still alien to me, as up till last year what I wanted I got). I can’t afford anything in the shop. So as many buyers before me I head home to amazon, the saviour of everything thrifty. I decided on a very reasonable priced bipod from CvLife-UK, they appear to offer a great selection of items for sale for the on a budget hunter. The bipod sets me under £20 and though the delivery is a little late, the seller and their customer service was top class, sympathetic, and sorted me out to full satisfaction. I shall be using them again no doubt. One thing I have learned as a client and one that has clients, once a relationship in any business is built in trust, it’s a good idea to stick with them.

The bipod doesn’t quite have the correct attachment, not the bipod’s fault as it comes with 3 types, but my ignorance. It is not a problem and after screwing it home, it looks very much AT home. It’s fully adjustable, tilts and swivels. I feel the odds are beginning to stack in my favour.

A false sense of superiority?

The Hatsan AT44-10 itself looks a peach. The stock is black. I’m glad I didn’t go for the wood version, and with all the accessories black it looks the business. Odd bits here and there are gold and stand out. I haven’t fired it yet so I can’t give a full review, this is just a glimpse.

But so far, so very good……..

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