Best plans and all that…….

It’s late.

Something troubles me.

Is my journey going to judged by others, and maybe myself, as pure, calculated bloodlust?

So I had planned of giving you a quick over view of my new rifle. However I watched on TV tonight a programme that has me troubled. Troubled me deeply.

This blog was started after being inspired by someone else’s story. It inspired me to write it down, so I could remember the journey as well as sharing that journey, if it pleased others and you dear reader, to be pleased by them too.

I never once doubted the reasons for the content of the story I read. The story of Rabbit Stew, (the blog’s name). I never doubted that what I read or what I had in mind was trophy hunting. Doing it for the kill. The pleasure of taking an animals life. You may or may not of heard of hunters using the phrase a humane kill. But a humane kill is uppermost in the mind of the hunter. The kill is not to cause pain or distress or to enjoy the suffering of a rabbit, pheasant etc. Or even the rat. Taking several shots to kill, to torment, to know it has struggled away to endure a slow death. A humane kill is one that takes one shot. Usually to the head, to ensure the most humane way of dispatching the quarry. In a nano second.

Am I trying to justify a way of life for many? Was I trying to justify myself? No doubt there will be some discussion about that.

For farmers here in Britain the rabbit is not a cute pet bought for a child to learn the values of looking after something living. A rabbit, much like a rat to you and me, is a pest. Vermin.

It causes hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage, year in, year out to crops. Livestock die in agony after injuring themselves in damage caused by the rabbit. Not one quick painless shot, but hours of misery.

I’m not kidding myself. The farmers problems are not the main consideration in my uptake of this activity, but it is, nonetheless a fact. What ever I kill, I will kill with the least amount of suffering, and anything I do will go home for the pot. Just like things you buy every day at the supermarket. Beef, chicken, turkey etc. The only difference is that the food from there is covered in wrap.

What is also a fact dear reader, is that I’m an educated man. Educated at the highest level two or three times over. Graduated from the Military Academy Sandhurst as a 2nd Lieutenant, over twenty years ago, and have on more than one occasion put my life on the line for my country. Without a second thought, doing my duty. I am and have never been after bloodlust.

Or for the taking the life of an animal unnecessarily. In pain. With no dignity, just for the sake of it.

Have I won you over dear reader?

Have I won myself over?

Thanks for reading. Till next time.

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