Weapon of choice, or the difficult second album (AKA blog).

The first blog is easy. You have an idea, wether well thought through or of the moment inspiration. You explain to the reader your reasons of wasting a moment or two of their lives, to read the ramblings of a total stranger. Hoping beyond all hope that they read something interesting, are promised something of greater revelation, and that you the reader is persuaded that more enjoyable or even greater things are to come. Or maybe just something to bring a glimmer of a smile that makes it a fleeting worthwhile read, or at the very least it will fill a gap in time. The second installment has to build on the easier first.

So on to my difficult second album! What lead me to the idea that leading up to winter, the one thing that would get me through it, would be to purchase my weapon of choice, which I can’t afford, and go spend hours in the cold that winter brings, and will uncompromisingly seep that cold into my bones in the vague hope of pitching my inward perfect hunting skills against a foe which will bring dinner to the table. The skills I firmly believe will outwit a rabbit. For I am a human, a soldier, a hunter and higher on the food chain. Of course these skills that I am certain I possess, have never been tested. Yet.

The internet is awash with experts at every turn, ready to impart their opinions to the avid seeker of fact, or even truth. So it was I trawled for hours, maybe even days, reading miles upon miles of self called expert’s advice. I gave myself a budget. But in all honesty, anything more than a price of a happy meal would be too much, (this is in fact dear reader the first time I have admitted this to my self). I thought anything around £150-£200 ought be enough to be able to kill a rabbit for my dinner.

Will it be a springer? Break barrel? Under lever? To PCP or not to PCP? Single shot or magazine? Lee Enfield or GPMG? All terms that I am learning, all terms that alluded to pros and no cons to get the ‘job done’.

One thing was for certain, if I didn’t want my prey to laugh at me, I would need power. It was then that everything I looked at was the upper end of and close to the legal 12 foot pound of energy, just under mind you. Because if you have ever read a British forum on anything air rifle, the one thing guaranteed to upset plod and send you to prison for 5 years, is a middle aged man freezing his proverbials off in a field, in winter, trying to earn his pips, is an over powered air rifle.

So I settled on a very nice springer, factored in a scope. Decided that punch was better and chose .22, (remember this is not a debate on which calibre is best for hunting, you the reader can make up your own mind).

Then I had a thought. What harm would it cause if I pretended for a moment that I could stretch the budget another hundred pounds, (that remember, dear reader, a budget I could not afford in the first place)?

A very nice co2 model, lots of power. And a magazine which meant I wouldn’t frighten off my kill’s best mate, by loudly cocking my weapon for the next shot.

Well maybe, just maybe, I could use that, ‘only for emergencies’ credit card, and stretch the budget. It was after all, going to put dinner on my sparse table.

And now the inevitable re-reading of review sites to ‘help’ me decide. But before that, I become distracted, because I am a curious soul, I read up on PCP’s. Now, THIS promised, zero recoil, zero hassle and a much sort after, no quibble 100% certainty, that no bunnie could survive these machines. Especially with my self assured skills that had been acquired through my tour of duty in the worlds best trained military outfit. Albeit 20 years ago. Why should I deprive myself of the best chance of success.

The credit card, budget forgotten, or ignored, would deliver to me, in .22 format, for the princely sum of £350, a scoped up (3-9x42AO), with silencer and bipod, a beautiful piece of weaponry that is the Hatsan AT44-10 PCP air rifle.

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